Benefitting our Communities.

The Tahoe Mountain Resorts Foundation was created with a commitment to achieving the highest standards of social responsibility. This vibrant community is continually energized by its most valuable natural resource: its people. We treasure the lifestyle that the Truckee region provides, be it for a weekend or a lifetime. Tahoe Mountain Resorts Foundation is dedicated to sustaining and enhancing this lifestyle from an educational, cultural, recreational and community-based perspective.

“Sustained support from TMRF is helping us reach our goals of 50 priority stream restoration projects over the next decade. Our projects will reduce hundreds of tons of soil erosion, restore over 3,000 feet of stream banks and rejuvenate hundreds of acres of meadow. Together we can protect the Truckee River Watershed and keep our waters drink-able and fish-able."

-Lisa Wallace, Executive Director, Truckee Watershed Council