Tahoe Mountain Resorts Foundation is committed to supporting the scholastic achievements of graduating seniors from Truckee High and North Tahoe High, and in 2022 awarded $110,000 in scholarships to high school students interested in furthering their education. 


Scholarship applications are due annually in the spring, with finalists selected by the Tahoe Mountain Resorts Scholarship Committee. Each finalist will be interviewed individually as part of the selection process.


2022 Scholarship applications were due March 27. Students may now fill out one common application online for community scholarships, including Tahoe Mountain Resorts Foundation.  


Application Site: CLICK HERE


2022 TMRF Scholarship Awards Totaled $110,000
Congratulations to the Scholarship Recipients:


  • Siena Lopez                               

  • Diego Rodriguez                            

  • Sydney Whisler                        

  • Juliana Martin                            

  • Iran Pacheco Martinez                                  

  • Valeria Marin-Gomez

  • Anne Larson

  • Declan McGarry

  • Brooke Saathoff

  • Luis Martinez                                    


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A quick look at some of the Foundation’s contributions in the Tahoe-Truckee area:

  • $110,000 awarded annually in scholarships

  • One $60,000 scholarship awarded annually, paid in four annual increments of $15,000

  • One $30,000 scholarship awarded annually, years 1 & 2 receive $5,000 and years 3 & 4 receive $10,000

  • One $10,00 scholarship awarded annually

  • Four $2,500 scholarships awarded annually

  • Over 100 local high school students have received TMRF scholarships


“Education is the key to making a positive difference in our local students’ lives. It’s exciting and rewarding to see our local schools produce truly excellent students who have been accepted into many of our country’s finest schools.”

– Michael Park, TMRF Board Member


How much do you give out each year?

In 2022 TMR Foundation increased giving to over $100,000, awarding one $60,000 scholarship ($15,000 per year), one $30,000 scholarship ($5,000 in years 1 &2 / $10,000 in years 3 & 4), one $10,000 scholarship, and four $2,500 scholarships each year.


Can you tell me about the scholarship process?

TMRF works directly with Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation (TTCF) and their Foundant Technologies software application. The students complete one common online application for community scholarships. The application process is the responsibility of the student.


Once the scholarship application portal has been closed for submissions the scholarship committee meets and reviews all completed applications. Based on this initial review, the committee invites a select group to interview. In a speed dating like setting, interviewees spend five minutes with each committee member. After the interview process has concluded, the committee makes its final selections and assigns awards.


Are scholarships limited to 4-year institutions or does higher education qualify?

Scholarships are not limited to 4-year institutions, all higher education qualifies. Understanding the ever mounting costs of higher education and the potential opportunities provided by community college we grant scholarships to students who are beginning their higher education at either a community college or 4-year institution. The $30,000 award was contemplated to assist students who might first attend community college and move to a 4-year institution to best leverage the awarded amount.


How important are grades?

Grades are important, to qualify candidates must have a 3.75 or greater GPA. However, there are other influencing factors the Tahoe Mountain Resorts Foundation Scholarship Committee selects recipients based on including:

a) Academic
b) Financial need and vocational interest
c) Extra-curricular activities, environmental interests, and volunteer efforts
d) Individual interviews (if selected as a finalist).  Finalists will be provided additional information to prepare for interviews.
*Must be current CA resident


Are scholarships paid directly to the recipient or to the school?

Whichever the family prefers, or the school requires. However, proof of enrollment is required annually.


When are the scholarships awarded?

Scholarships are awarded annually each spring near graduation time. The actual funding is dependent on recipients submitting the proper documentation and proof of enrollment.